Employer of Record Services

We are your one click approval and funding source for employer of record, payroll service. 

Our clients are companies like yours, private and public companies searching for the right payroll solution.

We specialize in employer of record payroll services for the 1099, W-2 contractors and W-2 employees. 

When it comes to complex issues, you, your company, your employees and your contractors can rely on us. 

One click approval - Contracting made easy!


We streamline the contracting approval process. 

No more worries about misclassification of contractors. 

Our Employer of Record (EOR) Service partners and Insurance partners specialize in payroll, federal, state, municipal, city, et. al. withholding taxes and insurance requirements.  We verify with your accountant and your attorney and facilitate the onboarding process, so you can concentrate on your core business. 

Close the deal


We are  funding the gig economy, one company at a time. 

Contact us for your customized plan of how to control labor costs.


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