FAQ - Control your Labor Costs.

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What is our process ?

Let’s confirm that your exisitng payroll process is spot on, compliant and cost effective. If you’re interested we can also introduce you to our Tax Credit and Incentive network to discuss WOTC credits to HUBZones. When appropriate, we can customize your current plan with an outsourced transparent, compliant cost effective payroll solution through our network of providers.

What are the Six questions that start the process ?

      • What is your company’s NAIS / SIC code ?
      • How many Onsite/ Remote,  Full time / Part time / Consultants, H1B1 personnel ?
      • What % are Office, Sales, Licensed Professional, Other ?
      • Are you located in the United States or Global ?
      • Where is your company Incorporated?
      • Who performs payroll currently?